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Our Friendly Staff


Our sales staff are able to help you pick out the tire that fits your needs and wants. Although we do occasionally get questions that take a bit of work to answer, there is never a question too easy. Let us help you with all of your difficult and easy questions!

Tire Shop

We have a shop manager who runs around as if his caffeine intake is at lethal levels, and the rest of the crew keeps up with him! Our best time to put on four tires is 10 minutes, but most tasks take about 40 minutes. That's 40 minutes starting when you drive in the lot and ending when your vehicle is ready to go back down the road. Come see just how fast we are!

Ag Service

Our ag mechanics know their stuff and do it well. We do ask our customers to schedule their needs, but emergencies can usually still be done on the same day. Let us help you get back into the field!

Mechanic Shop

We have grease chimpanzees, grease gorillas, and grease orangutans! We have an ASE certified alignment specialist who has been in the field for over 10 years now, and our engine mechanic even longer. Please give us a call when the engine light turns on or when the car starts eating its tires off!

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