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Computerized Alignments

Computerized Alignments

    We do alignments!

Manley Tire does alignments!

Daniel Aukes has over 14 years of experience.
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Alignment FAQs:

What is an alignment?

An alignment is adjusting steering and suspension parts so that the vehicle drives straight down the road and so that the vehicle places the tires flat on the road.


What kind of alignments does Manley Tire offer?

            We only do complete 4 wheel alignments.


Why only 4 wheel alignments?  Don't you also do 2 wheel alignments?

            Two wheel alignments won't scan the rear axle of a vehicle.  Although the rears of some

            vehicles cannot be adjusted, we will always scan the rear to identify any problems.  After all,

            if your rear end is off, you'll want to know so you can take it to a frame shop!


How much does an alignment cost?

            Most domestic cars and light pickups start at a base price of $54.95


What does “base price” mean?

Vehicles that are rusty or severely out of alignment need more work.  Base price means that the price can change if the labor and/or parts needed to align your vehicle exceed the base price.


How will I know how much an alignment is going to cost me?

During the alignment process, if extra work and/or broken parts are found, we will contact you before performing extra work.


Alignment sometimes needs parts?  Why can’t you align my car without parts?

One of the goals of an alignment is to get the vehicle to put the tires onto the road straight and even.  Certain parts, like tie rod ends and ball joints, are critical in keeping your tires straight on the road.  If these parts are loose or broken, no amount of alignment adjusting will keep your tires straight.


What can I do to help you give me the best alignment?

1.      Weight can play a big role in alignments.  If you routinely carry significant weight in your vehicle (lots of tools, equipment from work, etc), keeping that weight in your vehicle during the alignment will give you a better result.  Even the weight of a full tank of gas helps.  So fill up your vehicle and don’t clean out the big stuff when you bring it over!

2.      Your tire wear can affect an alignment.  Brand new tires or evenly worn tires are required for a perfect alignment.

3.      Talk to us!  Tell us about the deer you hit yesterday or how the vehicle always pulls you toward the ditch.  It helps us schedule enough time for you and helps us address ALL your problems!

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